Any information would be very appreciated!!!

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Battlestaff A-crew patch (ID Greg Ogletree)

Cheyenne Mountain AFB, CO

Design is 13th BMS, patch says 14th BMS. Who has the story on this one??

Teeny Weeny Airlines, Com. Nav. For, Korea


FANGO, 124th or 169th FS??
NASA, Airborne Remote Earth Sensing Program (ID Andy Hunold)


Unit, stationed at??

"34" We'll Meet Again

Goat Ropin'/ Team Spirit '85

34th TFS????

"Spray and Pray", "Sector 7G"
A-37B, On Time On Target
Special Technical Operations
Bicentennial '76 Clark AB, US 200
"Who you gonna call" "E-91"
Nutuggers Inc. 100 Missions, Thai made (553rd RW/552 AEWCW??)
"Curse you Red Baron"
Ïf you gonna do it, do it with a sledge hammer/PACAF Tour 87-1, Crew II"

T-38 N-flight


Operating Location OF

5th RS det?

Beyond Duty 87-2

Turkish AF maintenance unit

7272nd FTW ??

"Ops '77"/"Cross your fingers"


Midnight Air Commander
`23rd Air Force, Detachment 3, "Rainbow Connection"

Det.1 Jolly Green


General Electric Flight Test Operations

C-130 "The Other Guys", OMNI 55

OMNI International is a civilian charter airline often seen at Yokota AB Transient Aircraft Ramp

Forward Air Refueling and Replenishment Point???
Ironcross Echo, Blue Team, 21st Special Tactics Squadron, Blue Team??
Generic Crew Patch
Florida ROTC????
B-52 crew (R-11)???
Korean Rescue, UH-60P (33 RQS??)

Arc Lite 1967, 100 Combar Missions

54th WRS Andersen AB, Guam???

TAC Contending Warrior 1985
Cope Flush 83-1
A-37 "Than-Bao" (VNAF??)
1st Air Commando Squadron??? Velvet on Silk screened backing
Fling Wing Phlyer(???)
O-37 FAC Force
Desert Chicken Saudi Arabia
C-12 CAMO Ssaudi Arabia
Quality Control, Soc Et Tuum

Thai made F-111 Traingle


15 Hours Airlift Command Post
Don't look at us, we didn't do it 2/5
"Patience my Ass, I'm going out and Kill something" (seen it Id-ed as 510th TFS VN era) Possibly 1st SFG (US Army)

Belonged to someone working on C-130's at Kadena. Didn't remeber the unit. Perhaps from the 1st SOS??

552nd AEWCW/553rd RW??

864th Tactical Target Transgressors

Need info on mission and where stationed.

Training Khmer pilots on the C-123. Unit??

Udorn RTAFB, Thailand

Det "A" Taegu, Korea 1974


Class 68D or 68-02?

Helicopter Flight

ID-ed as 3389th FTS Anyone can confirm?

A-Flight Nuek em

B-52 Flight patch?

The Green Slime, First MAC - Then the World

Red Flag KC-135 Tanker Crew


F-4G Wild Weasel

Unit, Stationed at??? Might be 561st, 562nd or 563rd TFS or even 128th TFS

Unit?? Silver F-4, Silver border, Silver Lettering

East Coast Tour 86, Pony Express

Egress Section, Japanese made

Unit?? Stationed at??

Load Crew 21

403rd MMS or 18th AEMS??

Unknown F-35 patch

Unit or generic?

Coronet Prince, Flight Test

Unit? Mission? Stationed at??

F-16A/F-16B CSPS Hill AFB

Contractor Services and Program Support?

F-16 CSPS MacDill AFB

Contractor Services and Program Support?



F-102 Crew Chief Vietnam

509th FIS Tan Son Nhut Detachment??

F-102 Load Team 20

4th, 16th , 40th or 82nd FIS??

F-102 Load Team 23

4th, 16th , 40th or 82nd FIS??



315th Air Division, Geometric Section? Japanese made

Youngsan Frag School


Osan Frag School


B-flight, unit......stationed at???

B-flight, unit......stationed at???

RF-4C Group W FLR Unit?

Jolly Green, Thai made

Unit? Based?

ID-ed 15th TRS A-Flight. Thanks to Randy Troutman

T-39 Sabreliner

16th, 17th, 18th SOS?? Truck killers....

Signal Crammers, Thai made

3537th EWTS??

Sabre Spirit '92

18th AMS ??

Crew J-26

B-52 Crew patch??

KC-10 Seahawk

Crew E-147, Thai made


421st Tactical Fighter Squadron, Operating Location OF

Where was this OL?

OV-10 Bronco Team

19th TASS??

465th FIS??
PACAF Blue Two 1989
Pacific Tanker Task Force 1989, Crew E-111

Partysuit patch for what unit?

RC-135 207's


When you are out of F-4's, you are out of Fighters......

Unit or generic.....??

Crew R-112 patch


Pollastring Eagles C-Sid II 1990

What Airlift Squadron used this patch?

F-105 Arrowhead, US made


55th Strategic Weather Reconnaissance Wing?

Any info would be very appreciated

Crew E-162, Thailand 1974


Jaybird Flight, F-89??


Eveready E-Flight


F-102 B-Flight


F-102, Japanese made


F-102, Japanese made