My name is Eric Bosch and I would like to welcome you to my site. I have been collecting USAF patches for about 24 years starting in the mid 1980's when I went to school near Soesterberg AB/Camp New Amsterdam here in Holland . After school we often went to the base and watched the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron perform their day to day F-15 operations. At the spotters area we watched the guy's trade patches and at one time pilots from the 33rd TFW on TDY were handing out patches thru the fence and about that time the “itch” started. I started writing to the units, trading with other collectors and if the finances allowed it, I would buy a couple. So over the years my collection grew to the current number of about 19.000, mostly bright colored, patches. I don't really like subdued patches but then again, some units never had bright colored ones made.

Note that all the patches are for display purpose only and absolutely not for trade or sale. If you are looking for a particular patch please look at my trade list or contact me. If you need a high resolution scan of a patch or have a question or comment just drop me a line at eajbosch@ziggo.nl and I will see what I can do to help you in any way.

Patch donations are most welcome and will add greatly to my collection and website. Please contact me at the email address mentioned above if you have any patches to donate. Full credit will be given!!

Please have a look at my “Unknown” section and see if you recognize any of the patches. If you have any information on the unit, base, time frame, type of aircraft etc.. of a patch that is shown in this section, please send me an email.

NEW as of May 25th; 6th DASF Japanese made, 25th ASOS Heritage, 286th ASUS, 608th AOC CP Division, 608th AOC Morale PVC, 6th MAS Stan/Eval, 7th MAS CSID 1990, 7th MAS D/CSID 1990, 15th AS, 37th AS Heritage, 40th AS, 40th AS Heritage, 50th MAS, 56th MAS C-5 Korean made, 120th AW, 145th AW, 169th AS, 169th AS black, 186th AS, 192nd AS C-130, 7th ACCS, 7th ACCS Gaggle, 7120th ACCS, 963rd AEWCS, 964th AACS Tactics, 7th MAS Desert Shield, 40th AS tan, 192nd AS tan, 701st AS Turkish made 3x, 758th AS tan, 774th EAS, 817th EAS, 9th AES, 9th AES Flight Examiner, 9th AES Instructor, 9th AES morale 4x, 9th AES Qaulified, 22nd AES, 8th TFW Gunsmoke 1987, 14th FS Red Flag Alaska 14-3, 25th FS Balikatan 2010, 25th FS Balikatan 2014, 29th FIS William Tell 1959, 31st ARRS Cope Thunder 85-1, 35th FS Red Flag Alaska 15-1, 36th FS Commando Sling 15-1, 44th FS Cope Tiger 2015, 44th FS Valiant Shield 2014, 67th FS Cope North 2015, 67th FS Guam ATR 2014, 67th FS Guam ATR Eagle Driver, 67th FS Max Thunder 2015, 90th MW Guardian Challenge 2013, 93rd BMW Gunsmoke 1993, 94th FS Combat Archer 2014, 134th FS Red Flag Alaska 15-01, 159th EFS Operation Atlantic Resolve 2015, 335th FS Red Flag 15-1 PVC, 353rd CTS Red Flag Alaska 2014, 474th TFW Gunsmoke 1983, 480th FS Souda 2015 2x, 493rd FS WSEP.Red Flag 2015, 510th FS Baltic 2015, 510th FS WTD 2013, 512th TFS TAM 1980, William Tell 1959, 74th FS Iron Strike 2014 2x, ATC Torchlight 1988, SAC ACC 1970, SAC BNC 1980, 11th BMW, 718th BMS, 340th BMW, 20th EBS CBP 2015, 34th EBS 2x, 20th ATS Japanese made, 345th TCS, 35th TCS Japanese made, 7167th ATS, 37th TCS, 12th FTW Bicentennial, 23rd FTS Nite Nailin, 23rd FTS CEARF, 26th FTS Check section, 33rd FTS Q-Flight, 37th FTS Ops, 37th FTS Gaggle, 47th FTW Ops, 48th FTS, B-Flight, 48th FTS C-Flight, 48th FTS D-Flight, 48th FTS E-Flight, 48th FTS F-Flight, 50th FTS L-Flight, 54th FTS G-Flight, 70th FTS Heritage, 71st FTW Qual, 80th FTW IG 2x, 97th FTS Check Flight, 14th TRS 150 Missions RF-4, 15th TRS T-Bird Flight, 17th TRS ACE Novelty, 190th TRS RF-4C Japanese made, 124th TRG, 432rd TRW Thai made, 17th RS Reaper Driver, 18th RS Hellfire Shooter, 196th RS B-Flight, 147th RW Counter Drug, 19th TASS, 19th TASS CC nametag, 23rd TASS Nevermore, 24th ERS, 31st ARRS Star, 33rd ARRS Det.13, 33rd ARRS "K", 33rd ARRS Pony Express, 37th ARRS, 37th ARRS Original, 40th ARRS, 46th ARqS Square, 103rd RQS, 211th RQS Heritage, 1st style Jolly Green patch, 1st AF, 2nd AF, 4th AF, 5th AF 3x, 7th AF Japanese made, 7th AF Vietnamese made, 7th AF USSAG, 8th AF Standardization Japanese made, 10th AF 2x, 11th AF, 13th AF, 14th AF 2x, 15th AF, 19th AF Japanese made, 20th AF 2x, 21st AF, 22nd AF 2x, 23rd AF, 1st AF tan, 12th AF tan, 1st FW F-22 Demo Team, 3rd TFS Thai made, 14th FS Harmshoother, 18th TFS A-10, 19th FS Heritage, 20th FW Intel, 25th FS 2000 Hours, 36th FS LPA, 44th FS Kill Flankers, 44th FS PACAF, 48th FW Gaggle UK made, 51st CW Ops Division, 58th FS Lightning Driver 2x, 67th FS Raytheon Trophy 2011, 67th TFS, 74th FS Rustci FAC, 77th TFS Japanese made ACE Novelty 2x, 77th TFS Japanese made, 81st TFW, 81st TFW F-4 ACE Novelty, 122nd FS, 122nd FS ANG, 125th FS Heritage, 142nd FW Beaver Country, 186th FS Heritage, 187th FW, 308th TFS Fix It, 333rd TFS Weapons Thai made, 334th FS 69 Hours, 334th FS 1000 Hours, 335th FS 2000 Hours, 335th TFS ACE Novelty, 388th FW F-16 Demo Team, 391st TFS F-111, 430th TFS Japanese made, 493rd FS, 49rd TFS ACE Novelty, 494tf FS 1000 Hours, 494th FS Bleed Red UK Made, 510th FS LBA ppp, 510th FS LPA, 510th Mafia, 510th FS RULE ppp, 474th TFW F-111 large, 18th TFW Transient Alert backpatch, 1st SOS Crew S-86, 1st SOS Crew S-85, 5th SOS Heritage, 6th SOS, 7th SOS 50 Years, 23rd STS Gold Team 2x, 23rd STS Red Team, 23rd STS Red Team Candy Flight, 67th SOS Subdued, 12th ACS Operation FLyswatter, 609th ACS A-26 Thai made, 1st WW Det.16, 48th FMS German made, 48th MXG UK Made, 492nd AMU UK Made, 512th ALCF, 2861st GEEIAS, 7100th CSW, TUSLOG DET.3, 2nd FTS, 43rd FS New Orleans 2014, 81st FS, 81st FS A-29, 311th FS, 4/76th SCS morale 76th SCS morale, 4th ASOS tan, 15th ASOS tan, 25th ASOS tan, 5th OG Det.1, 15th OSS, 18th OG Gaggle, 31st OSS, 48th OG Christmas, 54th OSS, 54th OSS Heritage, 80th OG Simulator, 178th OSS AGM-68, 354th OG Det.1, 354th OG Gaggle, 355th OSS, 509th OSS, 513th OSS, 551st Ops H-21, 919th SOG, 920th OG, 39th AD, 327th AD Japanese made, 45th RS, 54th WRS WC-130A, 72nd SRW Tiger, 350th SRS Buffalo Hunter, 1374th MCS, 47th FS Turkish made, 122nd EFS, 122nd FS tan, 138th FS F-16 swirl tan, 163rd EFS A-10 OIP, 163rd EFS shield, 163rd EFS A-10C, 163rd EFS Don't tread, 163rd EFS OEF/OIR 2x, 493rd EFS Icelandic Policing 2x, 53rd TMG Det.2, 337th TES Operation Chamorro Fury, 605th TES Det.2, 65th AGRS, 4486th FWS REP, 73rd EACS tan, 81st ERQS morale, 82nd ATS F-16 swirl, 90th EARS Turkish made, 92nd ARS tan, 96th ARS tan, 100th ARW Boom Operator tan, 116th ARS Turkish made, 117th ARW Turkish made, 121st ARW Rickenbacker, 121st ARW Takin the fight, 351st ARS tan ppp, 92nd ARS, 92nd ARS Tanker Driver, 100th ARW Heritage, 351st ARS KC-135. 909th ARS Tanker Driver, 94th FIS large, 182nd FIS large, 319th FS, 431st FIS Japanese made, 497th FIS F-86H era, 509th FIS PACAF F-102 Expert, 124th FIG, 118th AES tan, 307th SW Cong Busters 1970, 320th MS Whale Flight, 704th SMW, 325th ACS MU-2 Driver, 606th ACS, 727th ACWS, 907th RADS, 353rd CTS Panthers PACAF, 4415th CCTS, 4455th CCTS, 4526th CCTS F-105 backpatch, 386th AEG, 386th AEG tan, 386th AEG Gaggle, 386th EOG, 386th EOSS, 919th SOG tan, 455th EMXS Afghan made, 738th AEAS, 100 Missions B-52D Thai made, 3501st PTS A-Flight, 3501st PTS H-Flight, 3537th EWTS, 3576th A-Flight, 3576th PTS C-Flight, CENTAF Strategy Division Qatar made, HH-60 Night Hawk, USAF FWS ACE Novelty, USAF WS FE, USAFE FFQ, USSTRATCOM 250 Hours ABNCP and USSTRATCOM 500 Hours ABNCP.

Juli 31st; 1st AS Heritage, 6th MAS, 6th MAS Japanese made, 7th MAS 2x, 171st AS, 186th AS Herk Driver, 186th AS 3-7-77 ppp, 189th AW, 195th TAS, 938th MAG, 154th TrS Heritage, 2nd SOF, 7th SOS Heritage, 7th SOS "ROWDY", 33rd SOS, 33rd SOS Shark, 67th SOS, 711th SOS Heritage, 604th ACS, 8th AF Stan/Eval, 8th TFW GIB, 8th TFW QC, 20th TFW ACE Novelty, 20th TFW F-111 ACE Novelty, 25th FS A-10 Pilsung, 25th FS C-Flight, 25th FS D-Flight, 35th FW PACAF Demo Team, 36th TFS F-4 SH,44th/67th FS 35 Years F-15 2x, 53rd TFS, 74th FS LPA, 74th FS Morale 3x, 81st TFS, 81st TFS (Hahn era), 94th FS Raptor Driver, 122nd FS Eagle Driver, 131st FS Eagle Driver, 166th TFS, 179th FS F-16 Swirl, 179th FS ppp 2x, 307th FS, 353rd TFS ACE Novelty, 353rd TFS Japanese made, 355th FS LPA, 391st FS Bold Tigers, 416th FS D-Flight, 466th TFS Thud Out Far East made, 493rd FS PVC Eagle Driver, 493 TFS UK made, 494th FS 500 Hours F-15E, 494th FS 1500 Hours F-15E, 494th FS 2000 Hours F-15E, 494th FS Aircraft tailnumber ppp 3x, 494th FS KCSO ppp, 494th FS WWROD ppp, 522nd TFS, 333rd TFS Japanese made, 9th AES Philippine made, 68th AES, 68th AES Flight Examiner, 68th AES Far East made, 140th AeTS, 12th ERS Hawk Driver, 17th AD Thai made, 19th TASS O-2, 23rd FS Saudi made, 48th FW tan UK made, 81st FS Saudi made, 74th FS Flying TIgers tan shield, 95th EFS tan, 95th EFS ppp, 107th EFS 10x, 112th EFS ONW 2002 white, 120th EFS F-16, 336th EFS ISIL Hunters 4x, 354th EFS, 354th EFS Hog Driver, 494th EFS Abide, 494th EFSTrapezium tan, UK made, 494th FS Heritage (Trapezium TFS version) tan UK made, 494th EFS UK made, 4th FW Razor Talon, 23rd BS Red Flag 15-2 PVC, 36th AS Cope Taufan 2014, 36th FS Max Thunder 15-1, 41st AS Red Flag Alaska 15-1, 44th TFS Coral Sea '85, 51st FW Joint Show 2015, 55th FS Red Flag 2015, 67th FS Cope North 2014, 69th BS Red Flag 15-3 PVC, 69th BS Red Flag 15-3 Crew 8, 75th FS Dragon Strike 2015, 80th FS TDY Osan 2014, 93rd FS Red Flag Alaska 2015, 94th FS Red Flag 2015, 96th BS Eager Lion 2015, 122nd FS Thracian Eagle 2015, 131st FS Sentry Aloha 2015, 171st ARS Saber Strike 2015 2x, 391st EFS TSP 2014, 493rd FS Anatolian Eagle 2015, 509th BW Red Flag 15-1 PVC, 510th FS WTD 2013, 555th FS Anatolian Eagle 2010, 493rd FS William Tell 2004, 7th SOS tan, 29th ATKS MQ-9, 44th RS, 196th RS A-Flight, 47th FIS, 186th FIS, 5th BW/91st MW Team Minot, 69th BS Kinghthawks PVC, 69th BS ppp PVC, 307th BW Heritage, 330th BS US made, 345th BS, 384th BMW Japanese made, 393rd BS, 489th BG, 33rd OSS F-35 IFTU, 85th OS TSF, 117th OSS, 139th OSS, 190th OSF, 919th SOSS, 43rd FS Savannah 2015, 61st FS F-35 ppp, 81st FS Heritage, 314th FS, 357th TFTS A-7 TFR, 465th TFTS, 50th FTS Fatty Driver, 71st FTW OL-H, 94th FTS Merlin Driver, 3558th FTS, 52nd ARqS, 79th RQS Crew 1, 53rd WRS TROPIC, 56th WRS Japanese made, 3434rd RS HATE, 553rd RS, 553rd RW Japanese made, 553rd RW small shield, 4029th SRTS, 67th FBS, 405th FBW US made, 506th SFW, 7th EACCS Crew 5, 128th EACCS Alley Cat, 128th EACCS Crew 3 2004 Qatar made 2x, 128th EACCS Crew 4 2006 Qatar made, 128th EACCS Crew 4 Qatar made, 82nd ATRS Drone Killer, 82nd ATRS QF-16 Swirl, 84th ATS Japanese made, 135th TCG, 185th ATS Japanese made, 91st SMW, 321st MS Code Change 2014, 548th SMS, 93rd AGOW JSTARS, 136th ALCF, 352nd SOAMXS, TUSLOG Det.94, 100th ARW Boom Oprator, 100th ARW Plane Operator, 151st ARS Heritage, 102nd AOG, 608th AOC COD, 608th StOS, 612th AOC COD, F-105 250 missions North ietnam, 301st AS tan, 774th EAS Super Herk Driver, 325th WPS Heritage, 379th EAES, 379th EOSS Bounty Hunter 2x, 385th AEG Det. 1, 411th FLTS Wizard Raptor Driver, 411th FLTS Wizard Raptor Tester, 418th FLTS KC-46 Boom Operator, 773rd TS DG-1000, 582nd HG, 603rd ACS Italian made, 871st ACWS, 717th EASOS, 817th EASOS, 908th EARS 50 Years, 3480th TTW, 3645th PTS E-Flight, 4524th CCTS, MH-53 ARINC Flight Test, QF-102 Sperry, Tracor QF-4, F-111F Pacer Strike, U-2 Senior Spear, NORAD/ADCOM IG Team, USAFE Eagle Driver.