My name is Eric Bosch and I would like to welcome you to my site. I have been collecting USAF patches for about 24 years starting in the mid 1980's when I went to school near Soesterberg AB/Camp New Amsterdam here in Holland . After school we often went to the base and watched the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron perform their day to day F-15 operations. At the spotters area we watched the guy's trade patches and at one time pilots from the 33rd TFW on TDY were handing out patches thru the fence and about that time the “itch” started. I started writing to the units, trading with other collectors and if the finances allowed it, I would buy a couple. So over the years my collection grew to the current number of about 20.000, mostly bright colored, patches. I don't really like subdued patches but then again, some units never had bright colored ones made.

Note that all the patches are for display purpose only and absolutely not for trade or sale. If you are looking for a particular patch please look at my trade list or contact me. If you need a high resolution scan of a patch or have a question or comment just drop me a line at eajbosch@ziggo.nl and I will see what I can do to help you in any way.

Patch donations are most welcome and will add greatly to my collection and website. Please contact me at the email address mentioned above if you have any patches to donate. Full credit will be given!!

Please have a look at my “Unknown” section and see if you recognize any of the patches. If you have any information on the unit, base, time frame, type of aircraft etc.. of a patch that is shown in this section, please send me an email.

NEW as of Nov. 29th; 4th FW OEF, 4th FW ONE, 25th FS TDY Suwon 2015, 36th FS Fiends don't miss, 36th FS TDY Suwon 2015, 45th TFS Japanese made, 48th FS F-35 PIO UK made, 48th FW F-35 UK made, 107th FS 1000 Hours A-10C, 199th FS F-22, 308th FS, 333rd TFS Yankee Air Pirat Thai made, 355th DOIN, THai made, 363rd FW Gaggle, 390th FS 2x, 391st FS Bold, 492nd FS 75 years UK made 2x, 492nd FS Heritage UK made, 35th TFS Korean made, 25th FS 1000 Hours, 95th FS mirale, 113th TFS ANG, 492nd TFS A-Flight, 510th TFS Vietnamese made, 8th AS 75 years, 22nd AS Double Deuce, 327th AS morale 2x, 700th AS Mustache, 904th MAG, 8th FW Max Thunder 15-1, 25th FS RFA 15-3, 36th EFS DFA 15-3, 36th FS RFA 15-3 2x, 95 FS Red Flag 2015, 90th MW GSC 2015, 457th FS Red FLag 15-04, 493rd FS Blue Flag 2015 2x, 493rd FS TLP 2015 2x, SAC BNC 1976, SAC BNC 1978, SAC BNC 1981, SAC BNC 1982, SAC MCC 1979, 31st FW TDY Zaragoza, 44th FS Commando Sling 2015, 90th FS WSEP 2015, 123rd EFS OAR 2x, 56th FIS, 71st FIS Japanese made, 11th RS Morale, 124th ATKS, 124th ATKS MQ-9, 124th ATKS ppp 4x, 17th STS, 18th AGRS, 18th AGRS Russian, 18th AGRS, Korean, 18th AGRS ppp, 34th WPS Jolly Green, 86th FWS, 36th OG, 48th OSS F-15C UK made, 55th OG, 90th OSS, 97th OG Gaggle, 401st OS Japanese made, 552nd OG 6 sq gaggle, 552nd OG 7 sq gaggle, 811th OSS, 916th OSS, 38th RS RC-135, 95th RS UK made, 95th RS morale, 1465th PhG Japanese made, 6091st RS Japanese made, 40th TCS, 815th TCS, 2313th ATS, 16th TCS, 69th TCS, 56th RQS 48th FW shield tan, 83rd ERQS, 48th OSS tan UK made, 50th FTS morale, 89th FTS Check Flight, 56th RQS Jolly Green, 56th RQS ppp 3x, 57th RQS UK made, 62nd FS F-35 Driver, 62nd FS Spike ppp, 64th AD US made, 816th AD Japanese made, 74th FS tan, 107th EFS Yankee Air Pirat, 107th EFS ppp 2x, 421st EFS Kiss of Death, 421st EFS, 510th EFS, 82nd EASOS, 368th EASOG, 95th RS Det. 1 tan, 95th RS tan, 922nd ERS Saudi made, 1o1st ACS, 195th Wing, 492nd AMU UK made, 492nd AMU Bleed Blue UK made, 7405 SUPS, 326th MATS Japanese made, TUSLOG Det. 63-1, 130th AS tan, 172nd AW tan, 746th EAS Tac Air, 344th ARS Morale 63rd ARS Morale, 552nd ACG, 782nd RADS, 320th MS Weapons & Tactics, 490th MS K-Flight, 490th MS L-Flight, 490th MS M-Flight, 490th MS N-Flight, 490th MS O-Flight, 740th MS Morale, 552nd ACW 60 years, 552nd ACW tan, 965th AACS DARKSTAR, 552nd OG Gaggle tan, 702nd TASS OL-C, 3645th PTS D-Flight, 3646th PTS F-Flight, 4677th DSES Japanese made, 4756th ADS, 2nd SCS, 2nd SpOS DOU, 2nd SWS DOV, 527th SpAS ISR Flight, 2nd TTS, 7th AF A3/A5, 7th AF A5, 56th ACW US Made.

Dec 27th; 1st ACCS E-4B NEACP, 8th TFW Intel, 13th FS 30 Years (2x), 13th FS F-16 Swirl YGBSM, 13th TFS Thai made, 44th/67th FS 35 Years, 44th FS Bats Rule, 44th TFS 2 tabs, 62nd TFS Far East made, 67th FS Cocks Rule, 67th FS Keep Calm, 67th FS White, 74th FS AGM-65 WFFT, 74th FS A-10 WFFT, 77th FS, 79th TFS Japanese made, 94th TFS White, 163rd FS F-16, 176th FS TDY to Kadena 2015, 417th TFS, 481st TFS Japanese made, 492nd FS F-15E, 355th WING A-10 Demo Team Far East made, 18th OG gaggle, 18th OSS Intel, 105th OSS, 509th OSS, 20th SOS, 39th AD Korean made, 39th AD Det.2 Maintennacne Officer, 42nd ATKS Panthers, 45th ERS Balls over Baghdad, 48th EOG OIR/OAR (3x), 4404th OSS Intel Saudi made (2x), 74th EFS OAR (4x), 163rd FS F-16 tan, 199th FS tan, 354th TFW GAU-8 Diplomacy, 92nd IWAS, 107th FIS/TRS, 164th FIS, 135th AS tan, 343rd RS Tdy to Kadena, 351st ARS Trident Juncture 2015 UK made, 961st AACS Guam ATR 2014, 441st BMS Far East made, 488th IS Saudi made, 4523rd CCTS Japanese made, CSAR Jolly Green, A-10 Shield, B-52 Peace Hell Bomb Hanoi Vietnamese made, 23rd EBS 2015 PVC, 3rd BMW Japanese made, 4239th SW, 81st RCS.