My name is Eric Bosch and I would like to welcome you to my site. I have been collecting USAF patches for about 24 years starting in the mid 1980's when I went to school near Soesterberg AB/Camp New Amsterdam here in Holland . After school we often went to the base and watched the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron perform their day to day F-15 operations. At the spotters area we watched the guy's trade patches and at one time pilots from the 33rd TFW on TDY were handing out patches thru the fence and about that time the “itch” started. I started writing to the units, trading with other collectors and if the finances allowed it, I would buy a couple. So over the years my collection grew to the current number of about 19.000, mostly bright colored, patches. I don't really like subdued patches but then again, some units never had bright colored ones made.

Note that all the patches are for display purpose only and absolutely not for trade or sale. If you are looking for a particular patch please look at my trade list or contact me. If you need a high resolution scan of a patch or have a question or comment just drop me a line at eajbosch@ziggo.nl and I will see what I can do to help you in any way.

Patch donations are most welcome and will add greatly to my collection and website. Please contact me at the email address mentioned above if you have any patches to donate. Full credit will be given!!

Please have a look at my “Unknown” section and see if you recognize any of the patches. If you have any information on the unit, base, time frame, type of aircraft etc.. of a patch that is shown in this section, please send me an email.

NEW as of Jan 4th; 14th FTW class 08-04, 84th FTS K-Flight, 86th FTS Lobo Ops, 90th FTS I-Flight, 557th FTS, 3615th FTS twill, 38th RS Morale, 45th RS Imperialists, 43rd ECS Instructor, 43rd FS New Orleans 2013, 61st FS F-35 era, 95th FS F-22 era, 114th TFTS, 48th FW Arctic Challenge 2013, 52nd TFW Salty Demo 1985, 361st ERS Indy 08, 62nd ERS We own the night, 124th ATKS Heritage tan, 73rd EACS, 123rd ACS tan, 81st TFW Saudi made, 138th FW OEF, 74th EFS 100 Cmbat Sorties, 74th EFS 200 Combat Sorties, 74th EFS Thunder PPP, 75th FS Afghanistan 2013, 107th AREFG, 303rd AFRES, 340th AREFS, 341st AREFS, 344th AREFS small, 622nd AREFS, 909th ARS B-Flight, 421st AREFS B-Flight, 421st AREFS, 111th ACOS, 111th AOG, 286th AOG, 129th CTS, 190th DSEG Kansas Coyotes, 4786th TS Japanese made, 3324th Instructor Squadron, 3652nd BMTS A-Flight, 321st STS tan UK made, 337th MAS tan, 404th AEG, 449th AEG, 37th EBS TDY 2014, 432nd TRW Post Stike Recce Esc, 433rd FWS Taiwanese made, 437th FIS, 437th FIS F-101, 327th FIS, 603rd ACWS Det.2, 623rd ACWS, 623rd ACWS Yae Take, 626th ACWS, 711th ACWS, 123rd ACS, 799th ABS, 6200th ABW, 939th ERQS, 26th ERQS Pedro, 26th ERQS Burro, 3560th PTS Flight III, AFSC Scope Creek, Rivet Eagle, Linebacker I, C-130E 1000 Combat Hours Laos, B-52 Gunner, F-15E small disk, 15th TRS PACAF Recce, AFCS Thai made, USAF TPS 50 Years, 7th ACCS Alleyat Japanese made, 7th ACCS Hillsboro Thai made, 9th ACCS Team 3 116th ACW red, 116th ACW small, 116th ACW small v2, 116th ACW Eyes of the night, 461st ACW, 961st AACS AK AWACS, 7th AS C-17, 11th AS, 172nd AS C-27, 516th TAW old version, 7th EACCS 250 Combat Sorties, 7th EACCS Crew 7-Up yours, 7th EACCS Crew 8 2011, 7th EACCS winged 7, 116th EACCS Crew 6, 128th EACCS, 363rd EACCS Southern Watch, 363rd EACCS Westpack 2003, 7th EACCS Crew 5 OND/OEF '11-'12, 11th AAS, 11th AAS old, 9th BMS, 13th BMS(TAC), 416th BMW, 45th AD, 14th AD Japanese made, 93rd OSS, 116th/461st OG Stan/Eval, 116th OG Gaggle, 116th OSS 2x, 440th OSF, 461st OG Stan/Eval, 482nd OG Det.1, 412th OG Stan/Eval, 432nd OG Gaggle, 67th OSS, 168th OSS, 8th TFW, 12th FS Korean made, 25th TFS Igloo White, 35th TFS 2x, 49th TFW ACE Novelty, 75th TFS, 94th FS Southern Fury, 101st TFS B-Flight, 125th TFS Low LEvel, 194th FS Eagle Driver, 307th TFS, 353rd TFS 2x, 417th TFS, 426th TFS, 436th TFS 2x, 510th FS Since 1943, 559th TFS Japanese made, 18th TFW Tac Eval, 27th EFS, 27th EFS Raptor Driver, 55th EFS TDY Osan AB, 81st FS, 90th TFS Advanced Wild Weasel, 114th FG, 119th FW, 48th FW Arctic Challenge 2013, 69th FS Morale 2x, 334th TFS Korean made, 457th FS 69 years, 1st HS Morale, 21st SOS UK made, 321st STS Silver Team UK made, 415th SOTS Japanese made, 30th RS Heritage, 30th RS Morale, 124th ATKS, 124th ARKS Heritage, 124th ATKS ANG shield, 172nd ATKS, 172nd ATKS MQ-9, 32nd IWF German made, 127th IWF, 488th IS UK made, 488th IS Morale, 31st WS Det. 1, 33rd RQS Kermit, 56th RQS Jolly Green UK made, 56th RQS Pedro UK made, 56th RQS Pedro tan UK made and added the following to the unknown section: F-111 Thai made triangle, Thai made Crew E-147, Eveready E-Flight, F-106 B-Flight, F-102 triangle Japanese made, F-105 arrowhead US made, Jaybird Flight.

Mar 5th; 5th EACCS, 8th AS, 14th AS, 105th AS, 105th AW, 135th AS Combat Mamma, 8th ASOS, 11oth AOG, 284th ASOS, 48th AEW, 609th AOC Combat Plans Div, 9th ATKS, 42nd ATKS MQ-9 Driver, 69th RG Det.1, 78th ATKS, 78th RS-ATKS, 17th RS Morale, 91st RS, 9th RW XP, 24th SRS Crew 2, 55th Wing 7 SQ Gaggle, 23rd OG, 33rd OG, 39th OSS, 49th OG Det.1, 307th OG Gaaggle (2x), 307th OSF, 375th OG Det. 1, 403rd OG, 403rd OSS, 479th OSS marale, 479th OSS Aerospace & Operational Physiology, 552nd OSS, 755th OSS Stan/Eval, 86th OG Det. 2, 18th TFW Intel Division, 25th TFS Japanese made, 35th TFS, 48th FW Wing King, 58th FS 2x, 67th FS Typhoon Evac, 67th TFS Wild Weasel 4, 93rd FS Mako Viper Driver, 162nd FW Gaggle, 162nd TFG Snowbird, 190th FS Skulbangers, 347th TFW Stan/Eval, 354th TFW 355th TFS Chief, 354th TFW 356th TFS Chief, 389th TFS Thai, 435th TFS Japanese made, 476th TFS, 113th TFS, 15th EMTF, 21st ERS, 21st Space Wing, 23rd TFW Tactical Competition 1977, 41st ECS Red Flag 11-3, 67th FS Southern Edge 2013, 67th FS WSEP 2012, 44th FS Forager Fury II 2x, 96th BS Red Flag 14-2, 492nd FSBlue Flag 2013, 492nd Arctic Challenge 2013, 494th FS Arctic Challenge 2013, 514th AW Rodeo 1993, 509th BW Red Flag 2014, 41st TCS, 73rd TCS, 512th TCW, 54th TCS(H), 8th TCS(H), 9th SOS Heritage, 16th SOS 2 tabs, 29th STUS, 81st TrW Operation Dragon 2005, 82nd TrW, 162nd TrS, 3416th TTS 2x, 34th ES, 47th FTW T-38 Upgrade, 48th FTS, 48th FTS Chack Flight, 71st FTW JSUPT, 340th FTG, 3551st FTS, 8th FTS A-Flight, 34th WPS, 57th Wing Tactics, 57th WPS 10 Years C-17, 325th WPS, 36th FBS, 37th EBS, 96th EBS, 393rd EBS, 55th ECG Stan/Eval, 453rd EWS, 62nd FIS, 63rd FIS, 67th EFS, 67th EFS Deadliest Jets, 67th EFS Holding the Line, 67th EFS Theatre Security Package, 93rd FS tan, 354th TFW Saudi made, 493rd EFS Baltic Air Policing 2014 4x, 493rd EFS Iceland Air Policing, 354th EFS Nail FAC, 79th ERQS, 79th RQS CSAR, 308th RQS, 86th CRG, 99th AeMS, 439th AeSTS, 169th EIS Senior Scout, 169th IS, 184th IW, 355th AMS, 390th IS, 390th IS TSIC-K, 927th AMS, 7544th TRANS, 90th BMS Philippine made, 131st BW, 307th BW 2x, 4133rd BMW(P) Arc Light, 22nd AES Japanese made, 902nd AES Japanese made, AFGSC tan, USCENTCOM CAOC OIF, B-2 20 Years, C-27 Training Center, 100th ARW Boom Operator, 117th ARS, 161st ARW, 186th ARW Project Liberty, 384th ARS Morale, 421st AREFS Japanese made, 509th AREFS Large, 905th ARS 50th Anniversary, 915th AREFS oval, 134th ACS, 142nd EAES Saudi made, 152nd EIS Shadow Harvest tan, 363rd ELSF 25th Rotation, 310th FS F-16 Swirl, 325th FW Checkertails, 355th TTW Gaggle US made, 357th FS, 337th AS tan, 349th ARS Bandits tan, 908th EARS, 375th OG Det.1 tan, 441 AEAS tan, 441st AEAS color, 721st AEAS, 548th CTS tan, 459th ABS, 524th SOS camo, 705th CTS, 705th CTS Virtual Flag, 4409th CCTS, 823rd AD, 3612th NTS, 3651st PTS F-Flight, 6156th PTS Japanese made, KC-X program, CSAR KING CTF, ACC People First, ANG Jet Instrument School, HQ USAF A9, HQ USAF DCS A2, HQ AFSC A8, SAC Tactics School, USAF ATTLA, USAF IPIS Japanese made, USAFE A3, USSOUTHCOM, USAF WS Class 14A.