My name is Eric Bosch and I would like to welcome you to my site. I have been collecting USAF patches for about 24 years starting in the mid 1980's when I went to school near Soesterberg AB/Camp New Amsterdam here in Holland . After school we often went to the base and watched the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron perform their day to day F-15 operations. At the spotters area we watched the guy's trade patches and at one time pilots from the 33rd TFW on TDY were handing out patches thru the fence and about that time the “itch” started. I started writing to the units, trading with other collectors and if the finances allowed it, I would buy a couple. So over the years my collection grew to the current number of about 19.000, mostly bright colored, patches. I don't really like subdued patches but then again, some units never had bright colored ones made.

Note that all the patches are for display purpose only and absolutely not for trade or sale. If you are looking for a particular patch please look at my trade list or contact me. If you need a high resolution scan of a patch or have a question or comment just drop me a line at eajbosch@ziggo.nl and I will see what I can do to help you in any way.

Patch donations are most welcome and will add greatly to my collection and website. Please contact me at the email address mentioned above if you have any patches to donate. Full credit will be given!!

Please have a look at my “Unknown” section and see if you recognize any of the patches. If you have any information on the unit, base, time frame, type of aircraft etc.. of a patch that is shown in this section, please send me an email.

NEW as of July 28th; 3rd BMW PACAF B-57 Expert, 9th BMS Crew R-24, 22nd BMG Japanese made, 37th BS Morale, 97th BMW Fairchild Trophy 1986, 15th FIS, 48th FIS The Aggressors, 162nd FIS, 431st FIS, 51st FIW Det.4 Vietnamese made, 16th EWS Det.1, 23rd STS Red team, 23rd STS Silver team, 26th STS, 67th SOS, 321st STS, 125th STS, 23rd STS Red team tan, 711th SOS Afghan made, 27th FW, 334th TFS Thai made, 124th FS 1000 Hours F-16, 124th FS 2000 Hours F-16, 124th FS 3000 Hours F-16, 169th TFS F-84 era, 308th TFS Japanese made, 48th FW UK made, 421st TFS Kiss of Death, 3rd TFW Stan/Eval, 493rd TFS, 44th TFS Thai made, 48th TFW dark blue, 51st CW, Tac Weapons & Tactics F-4E, 52nd FW Sabers, 176th TFS light blue, 353rd TFS Taiwanese made, 355th TFS THai made, 436th TFS Japanese made, 555th FS Heritage, 29th ATS, 76th ATS, 4th TCS Japanese made, 452nd TCW, 34th AES Flight Instructor, 375th AES Chief Nurse, 375th AES Commander, 375th AES Director of Operations, 375th AES Evaluator, 452nd AES, 932nd AES, 35th FTS E-Flight, 50th FTS 69 Hours, 85th FTS Check Flight, 90th FTS P-Flight, 47th FTW old, 90th FTS Italian student, 90th FTS German student, 53rd WRS tan, 57th ERQS Guardian Angel, 66th RQS black, 108th FBW, 79th FBS, 450th FDS, 107th OG MQ-9, 325th OG gaggle, 153rd TRS, 154th TrS heritage, 313th AS, 913th AG, 169th ACWS, 615th ACWS, 622nd TCF, 770th RADS, 931st ACWS, 6147th TCG, 769th ACWS, 801 RADS, 306th IS, 1867th FCS, 7030th CSW, 923rd AMXS, 6314th SUPS TWATS, 310th AREFS odd design, 318th TrS, 343rd TrS, 344th TrS, 510th FS Vegas 2014, 700th AS Maple Flag 2014, Hawgsmoke 2014, SAC Combat Competition 1961, 23rd BS Red Flag 14-3, 544th SIW Recon Safari, 858th ADG, 3560th PTW T-33 Aerobatic Team, ARRS "K" Thai made, SR-71 triangle, B-52D Too many, 4th EFS nametag, 16th AF "Keep Flexible" Japanese made, 23rd AF Night Ops, 18th RS Carry a big stick, 26th TFTS, 69th EBS Crew 4, 100th SRW OL-OH, 167th AS tan, 461st ACW (shadow in moon), 461st ACW Heritage, 970th AACS Saudi made, 4751st ABRON.

Sept. 7th; 5th FIS Japanese made, 54th FIS Japanese made, 10th EAEF Crew 2, 17th STS, 31st FBW, 72nd FBS German made, 36th FS Commando SLing 12-01, 95th FS Red Flag 2014, 44th FS Combat Archer 2014, 154th TFG Combat Sage 1978, 555th FS NEllis/Hill 2014, 493rd FSTLP 2014 (2x), 480th FS Souda Bay 2014, 560th FTS Det.1 Red Flag 13-3, 44th FG, 55th FS 55 Hours, 113th TFS Taiwanese made, 481st TFS, 510th FS Rubbish, 531st TFS Thai made, 614th TFS Taiwanese made, 35th FW Gaggle Japanese made, 48th FW Gaggle UK made, 50th TFW motto German made, 421st FS F-16 Swirl, 358th FS, 465th TFTS (F-111 training), 47th STURON, 85th FTS A-Flight, 3rd FTS D-Flight, 32nd FTS M-Flight, 50th FTS H-Flight, 50th FTS morale, 85th FTS Heritage, 85th FTS F-Flight, 25th FTS G-Flight, 35th FTS B-Flight, 35th FTS F-Flight, 37th FTS Check Filght, 48th FTS T-1A Driver, 54th FTS D-Flight, 54th FTS G-Flight, 71st FTW Safety, 53rd TEG Det. 2, 461st FLTS DT ppp, 85th BMS, 129th RQS, 131st RQS, 47th RQF, 55th OG Stan/Eval, 4444th OS Det. 1 F-15, 3rd OSS, 64th OSS Academics, 156th AS tan, 190th FS Saudi made, 55th FS Operation Unified Protector, 357th AS, 357th AS Flight Examiner, 357th AS Instructor, 357th AS, 429th CTS, 4526th CCTS Japanese made, 544STIC, 2868 GEEIAS, 964th AACS Heritage, AMC Commanders Action Group, MAC SAMCU, 17th AF German made, 38th EIW Saudi made, 83rd ERQS, 84th ERQS, 341st AREFS, 351st ARS "D" with hammer, 621st ACWS Japanese made, 69th RG Det. 2, 69th RG Det. 2 Hawk Driver, 351st EARS Mali Ops 2x.